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Although it is welcomed, we do not require a referral in order to make an appointment. However, some insurance companies require a referral in order to provide coverage. We urge you to contact your insurance provider to inquire about whether they require a referral to provide your family with insurance coverage.

Do I need a referral prior to making an appointment?

Are your services covered by OHIP?

A psychologist is a professional that engages in assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of mental health to improve the functioning of individuals. In Ontario, only psychologists who are registered by their regulatory body, The College of Psychologists of Ontario, can call themselves a psychologist. This provides protection to the public in terms of ensuring a high standard of training and care. In order to be registered with the CPO, psychologists need to complete a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in psychology as well as one year of supervised internship. In addition, the psychologist is required to pass various professional exams and agree to follow an ethical code of standards of professional practice as outlined by legislation. For more information, please visit the website for The College of Psychologists or the website for the Ontario Psychological Association.  

What is a Psychologist?

Frequently Asked Questions

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario is an excellent resource that provides a wealth of information for parents of children with learning disabilities or learning differences. By visiting their website, you will be able to access a great deal of information ( On the LDAO website, you will find a document titled "A Parent's Guide to the IPRC and IEP" that will fully explain these processes within the educational system.

My psychologist told me that my child's learning strengths and needs will be presented at an IPRC meeting and that an IEP will be developed. What exactly does this mean?

The fees depend on the nature of the service and will be discussed with you at the time of first contact. Our fees are within the limits that are recommended by the Ontario Psychological Association. 

What are the fees of your service?

What is a Psychologist?

What is the difference between a Psychological Associate and a Psychologist?

While our services are not covered by OHIP, the majority of extended health insurance plans (e.g. through your place of employment) provide some type of coverage for psychological services. We urge you to contact your insurance provider to obtain information about your coverage. We will provide a receipt that can be submitted to your insurance company or claimed for tax deduction.

Just like psychologists, psychological associates are members of the College of Psychologists and are qualified psychological practitioners. No distinction is made in the legislation or regulations between psychologists and psychological associates with respect to their scope of practice or with respect to their controlled or authorized acts. 

Psychological associates have completed a masters level degree in psychology, which is then followed by four years of experience working in the scope of practice of psychology. Psychologists have completed a doctoral level degree in psychology, which typically includes a one-year internship. For more information, please visit the website for The College of Psychologists of Ontario.